Hello there! I see you're interested in what I'm posting enough to come visit me! My name is Chelsea. My favorite color is bright blue (though I enjoy every color); and I love to bake! Like sweets and stuff.

Also, I don't know how to make my blog page look all customized and awesome cuz I'm a chump. So if you ever feel like bein' cool and helping me out with that I will doodle you a draw.

-----------Well, sometimes I post cats, but a lot of the time I post anime, nature and things that generally interest me.

-----------If you're an artist search the tag "art tips" , "art", "pixel art"/"pixels" or "artist struggles" here for tutorials and such! Or search "my art" for the art I post!

------------If you love cats search the tag "Cat", "cats", or "kitten" here for adorable kitties!

-----------If you want to see nature photos search the tag "nature", "animals" or "anime nature" here!

-----------If you want to see food or yummy desserts search "food", "sweets", "dessert", "drink", or "anime food" here!

----------If you like comics search "comics" here!

---------Other tags! "quotes" , "mental health", "health", "psychology", "pokemon", "important".


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